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October 30, 2020 - EA

Steam (PC / Mac)


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Star Drift Evolution is a Top-down/3rd-person minimalistic racing game about taking corners the most fun way possible: by powersliding! Race on a wide variety of stylized tracks, ranging from simple dirt ovals to challenging rally tracks and perfect your lines. Will you evolve to become a true Drift King?


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Development of Star Drift Evolution started a couple months after the release of the first Star Drift on Steam. Star Drift, released in February 2018, was Catze's first project and laid the foundations for Star Drift Evolution. During the last 2 years, the game system has been refined and finetuned to offer a more exciting and less frustrating experience. The result is Star Drift Evolution. Star Drift Evolution takes the multiplayer arcade action and visuals of retro top-down classics like Super Off Road, Micromachines and Skidmarks and mixes them with a pseudo-simulative physics-based gameplay to offer an experience that feels familiar and refreshing at the same time. Star Drift Evolution was programmed in Unity and Blender was used for the 3D environments.

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  • Minimalistic but challenging gameplay: easy controls with hard to master car physics! It's all about steering and sliding!
  • Track variety: simple dirt ovals, advanced mixed surface racing tracks, hardcore gravel and snow rally tracks! Enjoy a high variety in difficulty and style
  • Car variety: over 30 cars with balanced power, differing in speed, acceleration, grip and downforce, including customizable liveries
  • Campaign: race against the AI and beat fixed times to progress through the campaign with over 60 Tracks that get increasingly difficult
  • Flexible camera system: highly customizable, ranging from top-down, to 3rd person bird-view, to closer behind-the-car and hood cameras
  • Leaderboards: compete for the best lap time on each track, as well as a global leaderboard measuring your total performance across all tracks
  • Replay Viewer: watch any replay from the leaderboard and choose from several camera angles, inlcuding a freefly drone camera for cinematic screenshots and clips
  • Multiplayer: online P2P multiplayer and 4 player local split screen to play with and against friends
  • No grind: unlock tracks and cars naturally as you progress through the campaign and be competitive right away
  • Instant Play: start a race with just 3 clicks! simple and clean UI to get you racing quickly


The first trailer for Star Drift Evolution, with music by Kenobit YouTube

Chill trailer for Star Drift Evolution, showcasing a different atmosphere YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (34MB)

download logo files as .zip (4MB)

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Selected Articles

  • "I like how you have to adapt to the different kinds of surfaces!"
    - Koyu Geek, YouTube channel
  • "The game aesthetics are pretty nice! - Looks like a wide variety of cars has been added to the game. I'd like to try the complete version when it comes out!"
    - OKD Games -OKADA-, YouTube channel
  • "I am already having so much fun with this game!"
    - Blixish, Twitch channel

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About Catze

My name is Caspar Prasuhn and I am the creator of Star Drift and Star Drift Evolution.

More information
More information on Catze, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Star Drift Evolution Credits

Caspar Prasuhn
Designer, Programmer, Artist

Marco Calcaterra
Design Assistance, Community Management, Testing

Kenobit, Bisboch, Luke McQueen, Buromaschinen, Nihilore, Electroshark


Inquiries and request for codes

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