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Catze is an independant game developer currently working on two projects for Dota 2: Titanbreaker and WoW Arena. In the past he worked on the WoW Arena Allstars project for Warcraft III. If you have personal questions drop a message in our Forums: Forums


Titanbreaker is a mod for Dota 2, focussing on dungeon crawling. With a class based Hero System including Tanks, Healers and Damage Dealers, 5 Players cooperate together and must defeat over 100 Bosses to become stronger and to solve the mystery of the Temple of Gods.

Titanbreaker - Gameplay Video

WoW Arena

WoW Arena is a mod for Dota 2, focussing on PVP Arena combat. At its heart it is about battles between fantasy characters such as Warriors, Mages and Healers, originally inspired by World of Warcraft. There are currently over 25 custom Heroes and tons of custom Items. A ranking system collects game results for 2vs2 and 3vs3 games, and you can check out the best players in the respective Ladders on this site.

WoW Arena - Gameplay Video

Temple of Dreams

Suggestions and Support

If you have ideas or suggestions to improve WoW Arena or Titanbreaker, feel free to visit our Forums and share your thoughts.

Any support for this game is appreciated! You can support Catze via Paypal donations here: Paypal Donation