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Titanbreaker: Additional Item Save Slots

You can support the development of Titanbreaker by donating to the developer. If you donate 5 Euro or more, you unlock a special reward: You will be able to also save Items in the 6 slot Dota Stash. With the 3 left slots of the stash being personal Item Slots for your hero and the 3 slots on the right being shared slots across all your Heroes. Note that you can only put Items that dropped during your current game into these shared slots, to prevent pooling of items acquired in the past. Unlocking this feature will be done as fast as possible after the arrival of the Donation (usually updated every 24 hours, though this can not be guaranteed at all times, apologies if its taking longer than expected).

New Feature in Season 3: Since Season 3 you can unlock up to 5 Stashes, if you need more Item save slots. If you want to unlock more than 1 Stash or upgrade the capacity of an already bought Stash, you can do that by donating the appropriate amount: The pricing is the same, 5 Euro per (additional) Stash.

Important: Don't forget to add a link to your Steam Profile to the Paypal message, so I can unlock your stash quickly.

Currently you can only donate via Paypal.
Paypal Donation

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